An Insider Look at the Woman’s Dance Team

  To toast the end of an incredible formation season, the Woman’s Dance Team comes together to enjoy a celebratory brunch. This took place on November 19 at Yew restaurant. Over giggles and mimosas, we reminisced about the recent Flamenco formation, relived our routines of the past, and discussed the challenges and successes we’ve faced thus far. During our brunch, I . . . Read More

Breaking through Performance Anxiety

    Has this ever happened to you? You’ve done the training, you’re in the costume, and it’s go-time but all of a sudden you feel like Bambi when she first learned to walk. This body you’re in is unrecognizable – it’s not moving the way you’re used to at all! This is a scary feeling (I’ve been there), but . . . Read More

3 Ways to Increase Productivity for Beginners

    Who wants to be better yesterday? Raise your hand… We all do!  It’s in our nature.  Goal setting and expectation management is important in your dancing.  It’s rare to enter anything without expectations, but it’s important to evaluate whether the belief systems of where you should be at are hurting or helping you accelerate towards that big goal.  Here . . . Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Conversation

  This is the season for mingling and celebration! The holidays are usually bursting with an assortment of social interactions and events. These gatherings can range from time spent with your close friends, to seeing relatives you may only see once a year; even to meeting new faces you’ll be sharing a conversation with at a fun holiday party. If . . . Read More



It’s officially time to begin the celebration of the Holidays! So, we are taking a brief pause from our usual topics, to share with you our way of giving back this Holiday Season. A few years ago Vlad and I had the opportunity to hear a speaker from “International Justice Mission” (IJM), and after hearing the work they were doing, . . . Read More

How to Create Thriving Partnerships

Today we’re talking partnerships.  A topic near and dear to my heart.  In an industry where people change their partners like they change their socks, I was very blessed to have an enjoyable partnership that spanned over a decade.   Drawing on my own experience, as well as sharing nuggets of wisdom from my mentors, I’ve compiled some of the top . . . Read More


The Gentleman’s Guide to the Ballroom

Gent-le-man: A chivalrous, courteous and honorable man Ballroom dancing seems to attract the type of man defined above… chivalrous, courteous, and honorable. When I swerved from Merriam Webster’s definition, and asked men how they would define a gentleman in their own words, I received responses such as, “stylish, polite, and self-controlled.” These characteristics sound great to me, and reminded me . . . Read More