How to Evaluate a Performance/Competition – A Questionnaire



An underrated, yet very important opportunity for a dancer happens in the days that follow a big event.  It’s during these moments where you have a clear recollection of your mindset, abilities, and habits.  If you use this time to evaluate your performance strategies you’ll likely gain valuable insights into how you can up your performance game in BIG ways.

The first time I came across an evaluation like this was in Dance to Your Maximum…Maximilliaan  Winkelhuis,   This evaluation is based on some of his questions, with a blend of things I’ve found helpful throughout the years.


1) On the day of the event, were you able to focus solely on the dancing? If no, write down any factors that pulled you away.

2) During the week of the event, how many private lessons did you take? During those lessons, did your Instructor make you feel secure and prepared?

3) When setting up each dance, were you able to concentrate? If not, write down any distractions that came up.

4) At the event, did you have people coming out to support you? Identify if this is important to you?


1) Did you feel healthy and energetic on the day of the event? If no, describe how you felt.

2) How did you sleep in the night, week, and month leading up to the event?

3) Had you done a simulation of the number of dances you would be performing prior to the event? If so, how early did you start the simulations (1 week before, 2 weeks, 1 month?)

4) Did you have a good warm-up before you danced? If no, do you have a warm-up plan at the event?

5) How were your food and beverage choices at the event? Did they nourish you? Keep you hydrated? Make you crash?


1) Did you leave yourself enough time to arrive at the venue without stress? To familiarize yourself with space, change room, park, etc…


1) How would you describe your stamina?

2) While dancing: Did you feel in control of your body? Did you have a connection with your mind? Did you have a connection with your partner?

3) For your choreography: Did the choreography fit your abilities? Was it well-rehearsed? Did any part feel too-old? Too-new?

4) Was your technique up to the standard of your level?


1) Did your look have a clear concept? (Costume/hair/makeup/shoes?)

2) Did your look accentuate your strengths and conceal your weakness?

External Factors:

1) Did the judges have any effect on your performance? How aware were you of them?

2) Were you comfortable in the venue?

3) Did you have a positive/negative/neutral feeling about the size, shape, or quality of the floor?

4) Did you have a positive/negative/neutral feeling about the music played?

5) Did you have a positive/negative/neutral feeling about the audience?

6) Did you have a positive/negative/neutral feeling towards the other competitors?


Try to fill out the questionnaire with as much detail as possible. By getting into a consistent habit of doing this exercise after each event, you will start to identify patterns and be better equipped to make choices that elevate your dance game.

I love to hear what insights and takeaways are the most relevant to your life and dancing right now. Please leave a comment at the bottom of the blog, and let’s carry on this conversation!

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