FAQ’s about the Women’s Dance Team

  So you’re thinking about joining the Women’s Dance Team? First off congratulations!  It’s going to be a SUPER fun time in your life.  It will push your comfort zone – in the best way – and make you shine! Before I get ahead of myself, I can imagine between the bouts of nerves and excitement, you’ve got some questions before you . . . Read More

What you never knew about competition

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to compete?Maybe you’ve watched dancing with the stars and wondered if you could ever do that…Well my friend, I’m here to tell you it’s possible!Competition is often an “illusive” topic. Today, I wanted to pull back the veil, dispel the myths, and explain what competition really is. My hope is that . . . Read More

A prescription of patience

    Have you ever had that thought, “I should have this by now?” Whether it’s remembering a pattern, identifying the music, or maybe keeping our darn head up; it’s easy to become impatient.  We usually identify patience as good, impatience as bad, but I propose it’s all about timing! Come to think of it, I’m actually feeling a song . . . Read More

5 Beliefs that Stop People from Dancing

    Often people, who would love to dance, put the brakes on for a variety of reasons. This article is all about serving up some truth towards the top 5 beliefs we hear that keep people off the dance floor. So read on, and let’s get those toes a tapping! 1) Feeling Self-Conscious: No one likes feeling clumsy or . . . Read More

An Insider Look at the Woman’s Dance Team

  To toast the end of an incredible formation season, the Woman’s Dance Team comes together to enjoy a celebratory brunch. This took place on November 19 at Yew restaurant. Over giggles and mimosas, we reminisced about the recent Flamenco formation, relived our routines of the past, and discussed the challenges and successes we’ve faced thus far. During our brunch, I . . . Read More

Breaking through Performance Anxiety

    Has this ever happened to you? You’ve done the training, you’re in the costume, and it’s go-time but all of a sudden you feel like Bambi when she first learned to walk. This body you’re in is unrecognizable – it’s not moving the way you’re used to at all! This is a scary feeling (I’ve been there), but . . . Read More