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"Vlad and Sarah are wonderful teachers for all levels of american style ballroom! Whether your just learning the basics or want to upgrade your technique, check VS Dance Club out!"
Taylor Chapman

“Sarah and Vlad are passionate about what they do, they strive for excellence and they really care about their students. I personally think VS Dance Club is the best place for Vancouver dance lessons for beginners and advanced dancers.”
Josh K.

“Vlad and Sarah are the ultimate dance teachers. They start where you are at and will get you dancing at a level you never dreamed possible. You can’t lose with Vlad and Sarah-you can only win.”
James S.

“Sarah and Vlad are amazing at what they do! They are 100% committed to the success of their students. They are fun, loving and full of life and experience! I would recommend them to anyone who wants to learn or excel in dance socially or competitively!”
Ninas L.

“Sarah and Vlad are the real Ballroom deal! Between the two of them, their years of ballroom dancing experience, knowledge of technique and performance, passion for dance, and their commitment to students, is second to none… I cannot believe how much we have improved in our dancing, how much better we feel, not only in our bodies, but in our minds! Do yourself a favor, and check them out.”
Susan B.

We can't say enough good things about VS Dance Club. With zero dance experience, my (now) husband and I weren’t looking forward to the first dance at our upcoming wedding. We had heard great things about Sarah, and reached out to see if she could help us - and we are so glad we did! Sarah provided us with private classes that we found to be engaging, practical and fun. She has an excellent ability to read her students and assess their individual style and comfort level, and gave us a beautiful - yet not too complicated - routine that really spoke to who we are. Come our wedding day, our dance was such a memorable moment and - although we had a couple of nerves - we truly enjoyed it, and our song will forever be so special to us. We highly recommend them!
Jorden Hutchison

Blown away by how welcoming and fun Vlad and Sarah made our dance lessons! Knowing we had no dance experience and worried for our First Dance (at our wedding), my fiance and I decided to meet Vlad and Sarah for an initial consultation. We were a bit nervous but wanted something memorable and special for our big day. It was almost a right of passage as my fiance and I learned who is leading, how to communicate and how to "carry-on" and recover when we got slightly off course (timing). It was a metaphor for married life and we both loved every minute of it. I highly recommend Sarah and Vlad. Such thoughtful and special people. Thank you for all of the memories and training.
Emily B


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