A prescription of patience

    Have you ever had that thought, “I should have this by now?” Whether it’s remembering a pattern, identifying the music, or maybe keeping our darn head up; it’s easy to become impatient.  We usually identify patience as good, impatience as bad, but I propose it’s all about timing! Come to think of it, I’m actually feeling a song . . . Read More

3 Ways to Increase Productivity for Beginners

    Who wants to be better yesterday? Raise your hand… We all do!  It’s in our nature.  Goal setting and expectation management is important in your dancing.  It’s rare to enter anything without expectations, but it’s important to evaluate whether the belief systems of where you should be at are hurting or helping you accelerate towards that big goal.  Here . . . Read More

The Gentleman’s Guide to the Ballroom

Gent-le-man: A chivalrous, courteous and honorable man Ballroom dancing seems to attract the type of man defined above… chivalrous, courteous, and honorable. When I swerved from Merriam Webster’s definition, and asked men how they would define a gentleman in their own words, I received responses such as, “stylish, polite, and self-controlled.” These characteristics sound great to me, and reminded me . . . Read More