Want to learn how to dance faster? Here’s the roadmap!

Wanna become a great dancing in half the time, and have a blast while you do it?

(I see you nodding yes over there!)

Although I do not have magic beans that morph you into Baryshnikov…

I can offer 5 easy (but not effortless) strategies that will have you dancing faster, looking better, and having more fun if you choose to try them out.

Ready to dive in?

1) Carve Out Your Time:

Now I’m going to guess one of the reasons you started dancing was to invest in yourself and your relationships; choosing this is an already amazing accomplishment and I’m over cheering you on!

So, to truly value that important investment you’ve decided to make give yourself 10-15 minutes before the lesson to arrive. To warm up your feet, spend time with your dance partner, come up with questions to ask your instructor, and enjoy this time you’ve given yourself.

2) Getting Social With It:

Ballroom dancing is SOCIAL, think about it, you’re never alone. Social dance parties are the perfect arena to sharpen your skills. When you go to a party you get to dance for 90 minutes to a variety of dances, with multiple partners… How is that for developing your leading and following?

3) The Right Equipment:

Just like a golfer needs the right club to land that whole in one, so to a dancer needs the right equipment. Dance shoes have flexible soles that make it easy to train your feet in ways regular shoes cannot. You’ll be twisting and turning in no time!

4) To the Ball:

Performances and Competitions give the inspiration to keep an open-mind towards the possibilities of dancing. Whether you’re a spectator or participant, just watching great dancing will accelerate your growth. It works in a similar way to learning a language; it’s much easier to pick it up when you visit the country. If you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of dance you will reap the rewards.

5) Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About:

Your instructor is there to WORK WITH YOU, and it’s super important to know you can chat with them. You’re now in a collaboration to help you accomplish those big, awesome, goals you have set out to do!

So what do you think? I’d ask you to trust me on this, but I much rather you decide for yourself! As always, I LOVE to hear your feedback, what’ve you tried and how its worked for you!

Till next time,

Want to dance now? Our free dance tutorial is available right here!
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