Taking your Goal from Wish to Reality in 4 Simple Steps

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.”
C.S Lewis

Do you know your BIG goal?
That goal that energizes and inspires your soul, while at the same time has you a little scared (the good ones always do, don’t they)?

That’s the goal I’m talking about!

Today, I’m sharing 4 tips to take that goal from wish to reality in your dancing.
Here we go!

1. The Big Goal – Identify & Commit:

I want you to dream a little here (okay, I want you to dream a lot!), what gets you the MOST excited when you picture where your dancing can go?

Is it…

  • The goal of being able to dance to any piece of music effortlessly, and having a lineup of eager partners out the door…
  • The goal of feeling uninhibited and completely confident to express…
  • The goal of being in shape and having your clothes fit perfectly…
  • The goal of being a rock star at a competition and taking home the trophy…
  • The goal of romantic date nights and an improved connection with your partner…

Whatever resonates with you, on the list or not, write it down.
Once you identify your goal, document it!

2. Break it on Down:

Now that you’ve set a goal worth planning for, we need to break it down in order to make it happen. We’re looking for all the little steps that need to be accomplished along the way, in order to get you to where you want to go… Oh, the places you’ll go!

Below are two mini examples of how you can set micro goals to achieve the macro goal.

Macro Goal: Become a Great Social Dancer

Micro Goals:

  • Attend a party.
  • Ask 3 new partners to dance.
  • Make a note of what worked, and what needs some work, and then discuss this with your instructor.

Macro Goal: Attend a Competition

Micro Goals:

  • Perform your dancing at a party to get performance experience.
  • Get a costume.
  • Become “too legit to quit” your goal by booking the competition you want to attend!

3. Create Systems/Habits for Success:

Isn’t it always the case that once you put a goal in place everything seems to come along to challenge it? The key here is predicting the obstacles before they come up (as they will), so you’re equipped to deal with them.

For example:

  • Not having anything to wear: Have an outfit for dance that makes you feel comfortable and confident then put it aside. It will remove the decision making process on the day of your lesson, and you’ll feel at peace because you already know that you feel good when you wear it.
  • Running late and feeling hungry: In your shoe bag pack away some trail mix, or granola bars, so you can be productive on your lessons by fending off those distracting hunger pains.
  • Loss of motivation/general discouragement: Have an accountability partner who knows your big goal, and knows your reasons behind it. Call them to cheer you on in the not so glamorous moments of the journey.

4. Reward Yourself:

Dancing is a continual process, and the list of things you can work on is never-ending, but when you hit those micro and macro goals, CELEBRATE! You’ve made a conscious and brave decision to invest in yourself, and push past those comfort zones, which is incredible! Take a moment, do a happy dance, and savor what you’ve accomplished.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this goal setting topic. Like always I LOVE to hear what you’re finding challenging, what’s working for you, and what your greatest takeaway is.

Till next time,

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