Level up your dancing while having a blast!

The best part...?
24/7 access!


VS Online Women's Masterclass


Masterclass was inspired by the incredible Women at VS Dance Club. Their love of dance - and curious minds - were the catalyst in developing these in depth lessons and workshops.

If you want to:

  • Feel more feminine in your dancing
  • Improve your dance skills
  • Learn styling for your arms, legs, and body positions
  • Polish your technique
  • Master your spins and turns
  • Become a better performer
  • Have me as your coach-on-call with you ANY time you want to practice

Learn only the things YOU are interested in without any scheduled time commitment or pressure, you now can do it through our new VS Women's Master Class Experience.

Masterclass Sessions

Here is what you’ll have access to:

  • Have a World Professional Semi-Finalist as your coach-on-demand
  • 24/7 access to an ever expanding library of dance knowledge 16+ videos
  • Lessons catalogued by style of dance, skill, and amount of time required
  • New videos added every month
  • Live coaching sessions
  • Request box for new monthly topics
  • Exclusive Live Online Specialty Workshops
  • Q&A Sessions

More than anything, our time together doesn’t just show you what to do, it shows you how to do it! I'll give you tangible and proven strategies that will improve your dancing.


"I have been part of Sarah’s women’s formation class and continue to be a part of it. In Sarah’s class you are able to dance and work on a routine in a fun and challenging atmosphere. Challenging in ways where you will discover and learn how to tap into your expressive and artistic inner self! Sarah is the best teacher and choreographer. She puts a lot of effort in each routine and encourages camaraderie in her team. Not only do you benefit from having a good workout, you also become part of a great group of women having a great time together!"

"I have danced in all of Sarah’s Ladies formations. I loved that each one was different – with exciting choreography, great music, and interesting storylines. Sarah has helped me and our ladies group to bring out our 'inner goddess'… and unlike the genie hid 'in' the bottle … We bring our diva out to play… and “work it, baby”. Well, to be honest, this is always a 'work in progress' for me! Sarah’s masterful dance instruction occurs in a very supportive and fun environment of like-minded ladies. There is no better, nor more enjoyable way to take your dancing to the next level."
Virginia G.

"Since the first day I started to be your student I was enthralled, mesmerized and filled with pure happiness. You were able to give me something that I thought was ‘lost’ - to be a woman with all its beauty and mystery. They say dancing is releasing your ‘happy’ hormones. Indeed I can witness this wholeheartedly. Once I hit the dance floor there is no importance of my looks nor the perfect style it’s the dance/choreography - all these steps and moves in the right rhythm to the music that takes over. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to share your wonderful gift with all of us."

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What experience and skill level do you need to be?

The videos offer a range for newer to advanced dancers, I'll give you step-by-step instruction and guidance along the way! You'll also have the freedom to choose the lessons you're interested in, and work through them at your own pace. The ONLY thing you'll need, is a little bit of space in your living room!

2. What if you don’t have much time?

The lessons are broken down by style, skill, and time! The videos are available on all devices (Phone, Laptop, TV etc.) and range from as little as 5 minutes up to 30 minutes. Which gives you freedom to get a quick 5 minute class in during your break, or treat yourself in the evening with some dance session time. Plus by having it in video format, you can always start watching the video and finish it later. Whichever way works better for you!

3. What if you don’t want to stare at the screen any more in your day?

These videos are not designed as lectures. They are created to get YOU moving, while having me in your ear: guiding you, motivating you, and entertaining you, all while providing bits of instruction along the way. Kind of like a workout video just with less sweating. So, the amount of time you’ll be looking at the screen is low.

4. What if I miss watching it for a few weeks?

The videos and I will always be there for you and no one will ever know. So there won’t be any text messages from me sent in the middle of the night asking for your practice report. After 6 months of designing and building out the site, I'm really excited about this format! With diverse content, flexible scheduling, and an ever expanding library - It's about to bring a lot of value and fun to your day!


While our regular MasterClasses were $189/month, the new experience is available to you at only $129/month.